Significance of moles in palm and their impact on human life as per palmistry


The significance of palmistry is very much in life. Through the palmistry, human can make a conscious decision about the future. In the palm, there are many types of lines found in which the main lines are the lifeline, brain line and heart line. Each line of hand has its own importance, and each line gives some signals about the future. There are many symbols like cross, rectangle, triangle, square and moles are found in palm. Every symbol in palm gives signal related to future. Moles also has its own importance in the palm, it has an effect on human life according to its position in palm. It may be present on life line, brain line, heart line, sun line, fate line, Saturn mount, sun Mount, Jupiter Mount, Mercury Mount, Venus Mount, Moon Mountain, Rahu Mount, Ketu Mount and on fingers or Thumbs as shown in the real hand picture below:

Moles in palm
Moles in palm

you can see the position of main lines, i.e., the lifeline, the brain line and the heart line, mounts in picture below:

Mount position in palm
Mounts position in palm

Let us know how mole influence the human life as per it’s presence on different parts of the palm:

1. Mole on the Jupiter Mount: Marriage is delayed but after getting married, there is complete success in life.

2. Mole on the Saturn mount: There is defamation because of love, bad married life and one of the husband wife is likely to end up in a fire.

3. Mole on the Sun Mount: Person do a malicious work and his prestige may be degraded in society.

4. Mole on the Jupiter Mount: Such people are crooked and deceitful and they suffer loss in business.

5.Mole on Rahu Mount: Such persons make huge money loss in young age.

6.Mole on Ketu Mount: The childhood of such persons is full of problems.

7.Mole on Moon Mount: Delay in marriage and person may injured because of water.

8.Mole on baby or Ring finger: such persons face huge loss in business.

9.Mole on Middle finger: Such persons face huge hurdles in their luck.

10.Mole on Index finger: Such person resign from the post in job and face the defamation in society.

12.Mole on Thumb: Such persons get huge help from parents or loved ones in their life.

13.Mole on Venus: Such persons are sex addict and may face diseases of private parts.

14.Mole on life Line: Such persons may be patients of disease T.B.

15.Mole on Head Line: Such persons may get hurt on head and may face diseases related to brain.

16.Mole on Luck Line: Line which start anywhere in palm and end at Saturn mount, known as luck line. If there is mole on luck line, the life of human turned into nightmare and he may get huge difficulties in every work.

Moles on luck line
Moles on luck line

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