22 MAY


Important events of World on this day(22 May):

  1. International Day for Biological Diversity
    The International Day for Biological Diversity (known as World Biodiversity Day) is a United Nations–sanctioned international day for the promotion of  biodiversity issues. 
  2. Unity Day (Yemen), celebrates the unification of North and South Yemen into the Republic of Yemen in 1990.
  3. Republic day of srilanka
  4. United states national maritime day

Other important events of India on this day(22 May)

  • 1772 – Ram Mohan Roy, Indian philosopher and reformer
  • 1987 – Hashimpura massacre occurs in Meerut, India.
  • 2010 – Air India Express Boeing 737 crashes over a cliff upon landing at Mangalore, India, killing 158 of 166 people on board, becoming the worst crash involving a Boeing 737

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