Whether husband can get information of wife under Right to Information act?


The Judgement given by Hon’ble High court of Bombay (Bench at Aurangabad)  in The Central Public Information Officer,Aurangabad Vs The Central Information Commissioner And Another in WRIT  PETITION  NO.  10690 OF 2017,It has been held that information of spouse doesn’t come under section 8(1)(e) and 8(1)(j) of Right to Information act.

legal dispute for information of spouse
Husband and wife in legal dispute

Hon’ble Bomay High court cited  Judgement of the apex court and wrote as under:

17.In the matter of  R.K.Jain Vs. Union of India [2013 (14) SCC   794],   the   Honourable   Apex   Court   concluded   that   the authority has  to  decide  whether  confidential  information  could  be disclosed to a third  person.  It also has to consider whether such  disclosure  would  amount to the invasion  of the privacy of a public servant.  It is  the  prerogative of the competent  authority to decide whether the disclosure of such information would open gates of privacy to a third party.
18.It cannot be lost sight of in this case that the relation between   the   person    seeking   information   of   the   lady,   who   is employed in  a  private company, is that  of  a  husband  and wife.On   account   of   a   marital   discord,   the   wife   has   dragged   the husband   before    the   District   Court.For   the   purposes   of   his litigation, the husband requires  the  information about the salary and provident fund accumulations  of the wife. Such information could also be acquired by the husband by making an  application before the District Court.  Rather than perpetuating the hardships of the husband,  the CIC has found it fit to direct the petitioner to disclose the said information.  

Therefore,Information of spouse can be sought under right to information act.

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