Website is not loading with www prefix, here is the remedy


When somebody makes the website from scratch,he face many problems during the building of website.This article is related to the one of the problem that developer may face during the building and testing of website.Sometimes Website is not loading with www prefix after all the website building is complete.

Purchasing the domain and web hosting is one of the important task for building the website.For loading and testing the website online,developer has to do follow some steps in his web hosting account.

For better understanding of the topic, we assume that developer made website When everything is ready and developer test his website, website only loads on domain instead of (now working fine) and vice versa.

Take a look below that how loads when it was ready for testing initially:

Image of website loading without www prefix, i.e.,

Now we take a look below how aforesaid page loading with prefix www in testing phase.

Image of web page with prefix www,i.e.,

The aforesaid problem will be fixed by DNS MANAGEMENT in web hosting provider.

The existing record in “A Records” is shown in image below:

Existing “A record” while website loading without prefix www


You have to create new “A record”  in your records with the prefix host www.Now we see how A records looks after creating new record with prefix www.

Existing “A records” after creating domain name with prefix www

Now after creating the A record with prefix www,after some time(Time to live=TTL), website will open with prefix www.Now you can see that domain name is opening as shown in image below: along with prefix www

Readers may see the below youtube video for better understanding of the remedy of aforementioned problem.


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