Duties of father towards his kids as per Aacharya Chanakya


Chankyaneeti is famous book of “Aacharya chanakya” .Chanakya is famous diplomat of Morya Vansh.His teachings given in his famous book chankyaneeti are not only relevant but also applicable in all aspect of life.He also wrote about the duties of father toward the children.These duties are divided in three types as per respective age of child.The duties of father towards his children are given hereinbelow:

1.If child age is below 5 years: In this age, father has to love immensly to his children.

2.If child age is between 5-15 years: In this age,father should not love the children.He has to scold the children on their misdeeds.This is the the age of building the character, getting the education and building of character.Therefore, father should be vigilant towards the children to prevent the bad habits in them.In this age,father should encourage the children to learn their duties towards life and nation.

3.If child age is above 15 years: In this age,father should behave like friend with the children.If father will scold or misbehave with the children,they may have to turn into rebel or may leave the home.Father should not enforce his decision on children and should respect the decision of the children.Father should give sincere advice to children in their problems as friend.

Every father should follow the aforementioned advice of chanakya towards his children for their better future and life. You can see the duties of the father in this hindi video:


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